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Got a query? call us on 01905 888 098

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Which Tree Should I Choose?

Our Guide To Choosing The Right Tree

Which Tree Should I Choose?

We have developed a series of filters on the shop to help you choose your tree. This is based on years of research, and we hope you find it helpful.

First try, going to the Main Shop page and use the Filters to enter all of your growing conditions and requirements. This will narrow down your selection.

You may find it helpful to answer the questions on the How to Choose A Tree page.

You might want to grab a pen…!

There are 4 questions; not all may be relevant to your situation.

If you want to see a pre-selected list, please see;

Smaller growing trees

Eucalyptus for hedges and screens

Growing in a pot

Growing cut foliage

Growing firewood (or biomass)

Growing in, or draining, wet and boggy ground

P.S. don’t forget your Eucalyptus Essentials! Give your tree the best start in life.

If this is all a bit much, please do get in touch.

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