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I’ve always been nuts about trees. It all started when aged 3, I pruned all the roots off my father’s bonsai trees! Keen on growing plants as a child, I went on to read a degree in Horticulture at the University of Bath. Since 1984, I’ve spent my career growing a wide range of plants and working with Stephen on landscape design projects; but growing Eucalyptus on a commercial scale has proved by far to be our most interesting, challenging and rewarding crop.


I’m a third generation nurseryman, growing up on the family nursery in Cornwall.
Hilary and I met at Bath and shortly after graduating, we began designing and constructing gardens.
The experience we’ve gained in landscaping has proved very useful in building our award winning exhibition stands.
I really enjoy meeting our customers at the garden shows.


I’ve been surrounded by plants for as long as I can remember, living at the family nurseries and being involved in design projects. No surprise then, that I developed a passion for landscape design and although I am now a qualified landscape architect, I still love being involved with the Eucalyptus. It’s really interesting seeing the contribution these fantastic and versatile super-trees can make to a garden and also the wider landscape.


I grew up in the woods and forests of the Welsh Marches and completed my BSc in Archaeology with Forensic Science before deciding that I’d rather put things back in the ground after digging the holes! I’m currently in the final year of my MSc in Forestry at Bangor University. I have an interest in climate adaptation and improving forest resilience, and I am convinced that eucalyptus are an important future tree species for the UK. I am also fascinated by agroforestry and other land-use intensification practices.


My job is to keep an eye on them all. They’ll tell you all I do is play frisbee all day and lie in the shade under the trees, but my day is packed with keeping track of what they are doing, sniffing out rabbits and alerting them when the couriers come to collect tree parcels.
The frisbee thing is just a ploy to keep them on their toes. ‘Outta sight outta mind’ is my motto. If they forget I’m around, I’ll miss out on David’s sandwiches at lunch Its a tough job, but hey – somebody’s got to do it.


Beautiful, loved by all, in need of a good home (joking!). 

But enough about me, I guess I should say something about eucalyptus…They’re certainly good for running through and hiding in!

I’m in charge of overseeing all of the eucalyptus that leave us to live their life in Europe! I sniff each package to make sure it’s up to standard before it leaves. 

All About

Hardy Eucalyptus

Our Story

We are approachable, knowledgeable, and easy to contact.

We are award winning, and have spent 10 years researching and developing our products. We’ll help you choose the right eucalyptus for your garden and your purpose, and there is a wealth of help and advice in choosing your Eucalyptus available on this website. 

All our high quality trees are grown by us, here in Worcestershire. They are healthy, vigorous and ready to do the job you need them for, whether that is a fast growing screening tree, one to dry up boggy ground or one that looks beautiful all winter with fantastic bark and pretty foliage.

Our trees are Air-pot container grown from carefully selected seeds and cuttings, in special formula peat-free compost producing safe, stable root systems.

Aftercare service: advice and support on planting, establishing and pruning your tree




We are an RHS Chelsea Gold, multi-award winning, family run nursery with over 40 years of nursery & 30 years landscaping experience and proud to belong to that rather endangered species – the British Grower. We (Hilary and Stephen) moved to Grafton Nursery in 2008. After growing the odd few Eucalyptus for many years, we began serious production at our new nursery in 2010. Supported by our daughters Charlie and Victoria, along with a small but extremely enthusiastic team of people, we have become completely obsessed by all things Eucalyptus and now have over 60 species in our portfolio; 36 of which will tolerate temperatures down to -14 to -20 Celsius. 

It is very important to us that people are successful with their eucalyptus, which is why we have put so much information on the website on how to plant and cultivate these magnificent trees. They are so versatile and adaptable, we now have a Eucalyptus for just about every growing scenario in the UK. We run a research programme at Hardy Eucalyptus, where we evaluate species and develop the best growing techniques, to ensure we can always deliver top quality trees to our customers. Our Eucalyptus are produced in a range of pot sizes starting with plugs for mass planting (firewood production), baby trees in 1 litre air-pot containers (for cut foliage production), starter trees in 3L & 5L, standards and multi-stems in 9L and 12.5L, giants in 20L and 45 litre pots through to monster trees in 100 litre air-pot containers. Not every species is produced in every pot size!

Our after care service is available in the form of extensive husbandry notes on our Help and Advice page, there is a Fantastic Foliage growers manual for cut foliage producers, and we also solve customer queries by email and phone.

We have been exhibiting our Eucalyptus at RHS shows since 2012. So far we have been awarded 23 medals including 15 Gold medals and a trophy. Hardy Eucalyptus exhibit at the RHS Malvern and Chelsea, BBC Gardeners World Live at the NEC, Birmingham.

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The Colours of Australia

We had great fun working on this website and decided to add a further Antipodean flavour, over and above the menu of Eucalyptus. 

The colours used throughout have been carefully chosen to reflect the colours of the Australian landscape: the vibrant green of the tree foliage, stunning bright blue skies, sun-bleached yellow grasses and the characteristic warm tones of terracotta earth. Enjoy!

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