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When To Plant Your Eucalyptus

Our Guide To When To Plant Your Eucalyptus

When To Plant Your Eucalyptus

  • All our Eucalyptus trees are container grown and are happy to be planted outdoors from March through to mid November in warm counties (October in cooler districts).

  • Watering is necessary a few times during the year, particularly during dry spells, until they are established. Never allow them to wilt—this is seriously bad news!

  • In cold areas, where you have an early autumn (like Scotland), it is good to plant from April through to June. Your Eucalyptus then have a full growing season to get established, before they meet their first winter.

  • In mild areas with low rainfall, or if you are planting in a field where it is difficult to water regularly, plant during the autumn; the soil is still warm and damp and the young tree will make good root and shoot growth before the winter.

  • Generally evergreens don’t enjoy being planted outdoors from the end of November through to February. However, if you want to take a risk and plant outdoors during this time, choose a frost free day, when the ground is not frozen and select a sheltered location. See how to plant for further advice. The 150 mm (6 inches) depth of mulch is vitally important. If very cold, cover the tree with a loose but secure tent of garden fleece, supported on a wigwam of bamboo canes or similar, until the weather improves.

Alternatively, over winter, you could adopt the following approach:

  • Unpack it and immediately pot up into an air-pot some 50-75 mm wider, using a good quality potting compost.

  • Keep the tree in a cool but frost free conservatory or greenhouse until March, with lots of sunlight.

  • Ensure the roots do not freeze.

  • Water, to keep the tree just moist, neither bone dry nor soggy.

  • When planted out in the Spring, your over-wintered tree will grow away with a very quick start.

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