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Garden Centre Screening Trees.

This is a list of our most popular Eucalyptus trees for screening being offered for sale by Garden Centres.

If you have just purchased one of our trees and scanned the QR code on the label, Thankyou. Here are some essential notes we strongly recommend you read before planting your new Eucalyptus trees, links to the details on the individual varieties can also be found below;


Eucalyptus archeri – Alpine Cider Gum

Beautiful medium-sized evergreen tree with rounded juvenile silvery blue-green leaves;  long weeping glaucous adult foliage. Eucalyptus archeri is hardier and smaller than Eucalyptus gunnii.

Why we like this variety:

  • Easy to grow, can be pruned to keep it under control
  • Train to form
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Eucalyptus crenulata - Victorian Silver Gum or Buxton Gum, growing in a 20 litre air-pot

Eucalyptus crenulata – Victorian Silver Gum

Silvery sage-green, aromatic foliage on a moderately sized tree, super flowers for bees, hedge-screen and cut foliage.

Rarely found in the wild, this is a good all round variety – it is much under-rated in cultivation and  should be grown more often as it has

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