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Tree Stake Kit – Purchased with Tree


Two round tree stakes, cross rail, screws and hessian tree belt. Rabbit guard not included.

This product is only available when purchased with a tree of 9 litres 150-180cm or larger.

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Nursery notes:

Tree Stake Kit to prevent root rocking whilst a new tree establishes in the ground.

Ideal to support mature 9, 12, 20 litre and taller Eucalyptus.


Kit includes:

2 Pressure treated soft wood tree stakes – 1.65m nom. tall,

1 x Timber cross rail,

Screws to assemble,

1 x Soft, biodegradable hessian tree belt.


Installation: So that the tree is blown away from the cross rail in a gale, knock about 600mm of each stake into the ground up wind of the tree; one either side of the root ball. Avoid puncturing the root ball. Screw the cross rail to join the two stakes together.  Wrap the tree belt flat around the tree trunk a couple of times and then wrap it around the middle of the cross rail and screw into position.

Monitor over the growing season to ensure the belt does not dig into the trunk.


Please note: photograph shows a H-section stake with hessian tree belt surrounded by a chicken wire rabbit guard with its own support stake and cable ties. Chicken wire, support stake and cable ties are not included with this kit. 

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 40 × 40 cm


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