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Tree Food: Smart Fertiliser


Smart Slow release Eucalyptus fertiliser.

Expert-approved food with the ideal balance of nutrients to give your Eucalyptus tree a welcome boost in the summer months.

Sizes Quoted are the approximate height band of the tree above compost level, ie. the height of the tree once planted into the ground. Please note: Eucalyptus are living plants and can grow almost all year round, occasionally we may supply you with a plant that is slightly taller than your order. If this might cause you problems, please include a note with your order.

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Note: Smart Fertiliser is to be used on Eucalyptus that are planted in the ground. For container trees we recommend Chempak No4, and we will be releasing our own container-specific product soon!


3 sizes available:

Small circa 80g – maximum 4 small applications or 1 large application.

Medium circa 400g – maximum 20 small applications or 5 large applications.

Large circa 800g – maximum 40 small applications or 10 large applications.

where a ‘small application’ is 1 square meter and a ‘large application’ is 4 square meters. See Dosage and Rate of Use below.


Packaging is completely compostable, including the ziplock. Please put it in your compost heap or green waste bin after use. Composition: “Eco Kraft paper”, bio-cellulose film, starch zip.


Why use this product?

Hardy Eucalyptus’s CEO, Hilary Collins BSc. (Hons)hort. MCIHort., has a background in horticultural research, including the cultivation of tree crops. Hilary runs ongoing research and development trials at the Nursery, using her understanding of complex plant biochemistry, which led to the discovery of Smart Fertiliser.


It’s really clever stuff.  Smart Fertiliser is a specialist slow release plant food, perfectly balanced to encourage healthy ‘top growth’ on your Eucalyptus tree and uniquely available to keen gardeners through   Its slow release action shuts down in very cold and very hot conditions, but achieves maximum release under optimum growing conditions. This means the fertiliser is present for your Euc when it needs it most and unlike many fertilisers, it does not leach unnecessarily into the environment under cold, wet conditions, causing pollution.


Smart Fertiliser is of particular importance if you are growing for cut foliage, screening trees/hedges, firewood logs or when establishing liners or 1 litre stock, especially in a field situation.  Standard specimen Eucalypts don’t require feeding once established, but if you are harvesting a crop or regularly pruning a feature, both of which remove stored collateral, then your trees require plant food.  Frequent removal of vegetation without feeding will lead to Euc-exhaustion!


And it’s a ‘team effort’.  Smart Fertiliser works in combination with mycorrhizal fungi to provide sustained nutrition during the growing season, in the correct proportions to encourage healthy plant growth. (See Timing Application below)


A multi-purpose product; you can also use this plant food in Spring to feed your roses, Japanese maples, flowering trees and shrubs, and even on lawns in the Autumn.  Hardy Eucalyptus have successfully used Smart Fertiliser in a flower cutting garden with great results.



Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 cm

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How to Use

Timing application is important:

For optimum results; use RootGrow mycorrhizal fungi at the time of planting, followed by Afterplant Seaweed Biostimulant  4 days after planting. The seaweed product works in conjunction with the young mycorrhizal fungi as they begin colonisation, ‘supercharging’ the development of your Eucalyptus root system.


A healthy root system is essential for the efficient uptake of soil-based nutrients, which is why you wait a few weeks for the roots to grow before using Smart Fertiliser. All of these products combined, and carefully timed, lead to faster establishment and a stronger, hardier plant.


For newly planted stock: Apply 6 weeks after planting out your new tree.  Latest application date is the first week of August.


For established stock: apply from end of March/mid-April.

Thereafter apply every 10-12 weeks during the growing season of March to August for both new and established trees.


Dosage and Rate of Use:

20g per square meter every 10-12 weeks between March and August, so the food can be fully used up by the tree before the onset of Winter.  Scatter evenly over the soil surface and then lightly water in.


A newly planted small tree (3 to 30 litres) or young tree planted within the last 2 years may only require 1 square meter. Larger root balls (45+ litres) or more established trees may require a larger square meterage; we recommend 4 square meters.


A ‘square meter’ is a 1m wide by 1m long square as drawn on the ground, with the tree trunk located in the centre of the square. ‘4 square meters’ is a 2m wide by 2m long square.

As a rough guide: 20g is approximately 4 teaspoons



12-6-24 +4%Mg

Total Nitrogen (N) …………………………………………………. 12.0%

Ammoniacal Nitrogen 2.4%

Urea Nitrogen 3.9%

Methylene Urea 5.7%

Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)…………………………(6%) 2.62%P

Soluble in neutral ammonium citrate (6%) 2.62%

Soluble in water (6%) 2.62%

Potassium Oxide* (K2O) soluble in water…… (24%) 19.92%K

Magnesium Oxide (MgO)………………………(4%) 2.41%Mg

Sulphur Trioxide (SO3) (10.49%) 4.2%S

*24.0% potassium; of which 33% Expo®, extended release potassium sulphate.

Note: this product contains the secondary nutrient iron. Iron may stain concrete surfaces and should not be applied on dry or water dampened concrete and should be removed from these areas promptly after application by sweeping or blowing. Do not wash off with water.


Storage and Safety:

Store in a cool dry place, out of sunlight, and away from children and pets.

May be harmful if swallowed. Do not inhale dust. Consult a doctor if irritation occurs. Wash hands after use.

Please be aware that due to the colourful granular nature of this product, it could be mistaken for food seasoning/salt & pepper, sweets, or cake decorating sprinkles. Please ensure that it is kept away from children and vulnerable adults, and is not stored in a kitchen or in an unmarked container.  Please store responsibly.


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