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Eco-Mulch Mat – a number 1 essential when planting Eucalyptus


Eco-Mulch Mat with Bamboo Pegs – fully biodegradable all natural product to help establish your Eucalyptus in a weed-free setting.  Easy to use.

Conserve moisture, keep weeds at bay, keep roots warm in winter.

Sizes Quoted are the approximate height band of the tree above compost level, ie. the height of the tree once planted into the ground. Please note: Eucalyptus are living plants and can grow almost all year round, occasionally we may supply you with a plant that is slightly taller than your order. If this might cause you problems, please include a note with your order.

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Eco-Mulch Mat Kit

Each kit comprises 1 jute mat and 5 bamboo pegs to secure the mat in place around the base of your tree. One peg for each corner and a spare for fitting around tree stakes etc.

What is it?

100% fully biodegradable durable mat. 50cm x 50cm square nom.  Contains zero plastic.

The mat is split to the centre to allow close fitting around the tree trunk.

Manufactured from pure jute. The mat has been compressed and then needled full of holes to allow rain water to penetrate.


What does the mulch mat do for your tree?

The Eco-mulch mat helps your newly planted tree establish quickly, by reducing stress.

The Eco-mulch mat suppresses the germination and development of weeds, thus reducing competition for food and water.

It acts as a root duvet in winter, helping towards protecting both the roots and their mycorrhizal fungi

It will also help keep young establishing root-systems cooler in summer

The Eco-mulch mat will also conserve moisture by reducing evaporation from the soil.

The mat can also be effectively used in conjunction with a thick layer of bark or wood chip over the top, adding a further layer of protection.

No need to remove. The mat will biodegrade and compost down over a period of time, but it will survive sufficiently long enough to allow your tree to establish well.


When watering your tree, thoroughly saturate the matting, but also direct the water down through the slit and on to the soil beneath.

What is pure jute? It is a long, coarse, shiny fibre extracted from the phloem of the Corchorus plant – a member of the mallow family Malvaceae. Once extracted, it can then be spun into coarse, strong threads and woven into a durable fabric.  Jute is one of the strongest fibres in the world and is the second most produced natural fibre after cotton.

Jute is a rain-fed crop. It is undemanding to grow with little requirement for fertilisers or chemicals/pesticides.



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