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Our New Stock & Updates

Our New Stock & Updates Guide

Our New Stock & Updates

Where are all the trees?!

You may have noticed that quite a few of our trees are currently showing as out of stock. Don’t worry! This spring we have seen a big increase in customers who want a beautiful eucalyptus for their gardens, and as a result we’ve sold a lot more trees than we expected! The good news is that we’ve got plenty more on the way. As of now in April 2021 we have tunnels filled with new trees that are growing vigorously. All our most popular species such as neglecta, subcrenulata, parvula, and archeri are going to be available again very soon.

Why aren’t they on sale yet?

After we pot our eucalyptus up, we have to wait for them to ‘root through’ which is when the roots have spread through the soil such that when you remove the pot, the compost is held together by the roots. If we don’t wait, then the root-ball will collapse into a pile of disappointment and sad roots as soon as you remove the tree.

When will they be ready?

It is difficult to say with certainty, but we expect them to be ready very soon. Now that we’re in the growing season the trees are furiously growing and binding the soil together. We expect the 3 litre trees to be ready in around mid-May, the 5 litre trees perhaps mid-June. Our outstanding new range of 9 litre trees will take a bit longer, and should be ready in August.

How big will they be when they are ready?

Almost all of our new trees are currently between 0.5 and 1 meter in height. Because eucalyptus are quite a nippy family of trees, they will all grow quickly throughout the growing season. When our 9 litre trees are ready in the autumn we expect them to be in the region of 1.5-2.5 meters tall.

But I need a eucalyptus now!

No worries, we still have lots in stock. Our 12 litre gregsoniana, 5 litre Azura and Silverana, and a host of other species are still available. We are constantly updating the site with new mature trees as well. The best thing to do is drop us an email with your requirements and growing conditions, and we can recommend a suitably gorgeous eucalyptus for you. Alternatively, we can add you to our early warning list for a particular species. Just visit our contact page and let us know!

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