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FREE UK Mainland delivery for All Tree Orders
(excluding 50 litre pot size and above or trees taller than 3.00m, or Highlands and Islands - contact us
for a quote)

Got a query? call us on 01905 888 098

(Excluding 50 litre pots and above or trees over 3.50m tall (inc the pot),

unless specifically advertised on the product page and
Highlands and Islands- Contact us for a quote)

How Much Is a Tree?

Our Guide To Tree Prices

How Much Is a Tree?

How long is a piece of string? Just kidding.

It might be helpful for you to know that we grow over 60 different types of Eucalyptus trees!

All of our trees come in a variety of sizes (i.e. different ages) and these variations are priced individually. Prices can range from about £50 to £1000 depending on pot size, height, age etc.

To see our prices, please go to the tree or product you are interested in and select a size using the ‘Size’ dropdown menu (usually with the word “select” showing).

To see price differences between product sizes, change the size option and the display price will change. Remember to check this before adding a product to your “Cart”.

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