Eucalyptus Essentials

We don't sell rubbish (who has the time for that?) 

Everything we offer on our Sundries page has been carefully tried, tested and researched by us.

Our trees are very important to us, and we want them to have the best start in life at their new home.

Top tips; use Rootgrow at the time of planting, ideally combined with Afterplant or Kelpak.

Then in September-October apply Chempak no.4, and from March to August use Smart Fertiliser (no manure or kitchen waste, please). Follow this formula and you'll have one very happy tree!

Want to stake your tree? Use Hessian Tree Ties, (not plastic or wire as they saw the tree in half)

Planting into another pot? Check out Air-Pot Kits, and this helpful guide page for heaps of hints & tips, including a recipe for the correct compost mix and a quick video.