Why buy from Hardy Eucalyptus?

Buying a tree is an important decision. You need be confident in your choice, and certain that it will do what you need it to do. We don't call ourselves 'The Eucalyptus Experts' for nothing, so let us explain why!


We've been doing this for a long time. Grafton Nursery started growing eucalyptus trees in 2010, and our team has over a century of combined horticultural experience across the industry.


All of our trees are grown from seed and cuttings, from carefully selected provenances to ensure the hardiest possible trees. We don't import plants of unknown provenance from Europe.


We sell the widest range of species in the UK. Eucalyptus trees are highly site specific, and it is essential that the right tree for your site be chosen.


We don't hide our contact information! We're available both before and after purchasing your tree to offer advice and information.


It isn't just our trees that are green! We've been peat-free for years, our pots are made of recycled plastic, and we practice Integrated Pest Management to further reduce our environmental impact.


We are eucalyptus specialists. 99% of the trees we grow are eucalyptus, and we regularly consult with organisations and governmental bodies on their usage and cultivation.


All of our trees are grown in Air-Pots, a root-training system. Eucalyptus trees grown in solid-walled containers suffer from stunted root growth, and are much more liable to fall over.


Our recommendations are backed up by research and experience. We won't try to sell you an E. gunnii to grow indoors, or a Snow Gum for a wet garden.


Our trees are award winning! Over 26 RHS medals so far, including a Gold from Chelsea. Our research and knowledge help us to produce healthy, gorgeous trees.