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Grow-Your-Own Christmas Wreath Foliage – Silver Offer

Special Silver Offer Price of ONLY £75.oo

The Ideal Gift for the enthusiastic gardener or the keen Florist in your life to produce their own Christmas Foliage for the home.

This Kit Contains 2 x 1 Litre Air-pot grown Eucalyptus Trees (Your selection from below) and all the planting essentials you need to give them the best start to life in your garden. Once established, you’ll have Fragrant Eucalyptus Foliage forever! Full details can be found in the description tab below. It does not include our Cut Foliage Book – ‘Fantastic Foliage and how to Farm it’ which is part of the gold offer.

(Full value if purchased separately through our website £100.50)




Grow your own Christmas Wreath Eucalyptus Foliage (Silver Offer)

This kit contains;

  • 2 x young Eucalyptus plants grown in 1 Litre Air-Pots, make your selection  from Eucalyptus archeri, Eucalyptus nicholii, Eucalyptus parvula and Eucalyptus subcrenulata  using the 2 dropdown menus above.  Click on one of the names above to visit the full descriptive data sheet for that species
  • Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi (small packet, enough for both trees) – Essential to give your babies the best start in your garden
  • Our special blended planting mix – enough to give them both a great start in your garden
  • 2 x Eco-mulch Mats – to keep roots warm, conserve moisture & prevent weeds
  • 2 x Tree Shelter Kits – essential to protect your baby Eucalyptus from wind scorch whilst establishing
  • Eucalyptus Smart Fertiliser – One Year’s Supply of our smart granular fertilizer for each of your trees, helps them to produce stronger branches
  • Sulphur chips – one application to aid sturdy growth for harvesting
  • Our Guidance Notes on how to plant and grow-on to harvesting
  • Free Membership to our Gumnut Club – receive the Bush Telegraph directly to your email inbox with expert guidance on what to do with your Eucalyptus every month of the year


If you would like to include a copy of Our Cut Foliage Book – ‘Fantastic Foliage and how to Farm it’ – The complete guide to growing high quality Eucalyptus Foliage for the bargain price of Only £14 (usually £26.19 incl P&P if purchased seperately) go to our Christmas Wreath Eucalyptus Gold Offer by clicking here.

This offer ends Mid-night 10th December 2023 to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

If you do not want your trees to be delivered before Christmas, please email us with details, we will resume shipping from the 8th January 2024.

(Please note – you can harvest from these trees winter 2024. Floral art sundries featured in the video, for making the wreath, are not included in this kit)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm
Choice 1

Archeri, Nicholii, Parvula, Subcrenulata

Choice 2

Archeri, Nicholii, Parvula, Subcrenulata

Planting Position and Soil

Eucalyptus for cut foliage


  • Sun: full sun and open sky above. Avoid shade cast by other tall trees and buildings where possible.
  • Soil Type: Happy in a wide range of soils, but performs best in those which are acid to neutral and of poor to average fertility.
  • Soil Moisture: Enjoys moisture retentive but free draining soils. Will grow on a draining clay, sandy loams or rocky free draining ground. It is essential that your Eucalyptus trees are given our recommended quantity of water for their first 2 growing seasons in your grounds during their establishment phase before you abandon them to their fate.  The trees need to establish a good root system before they can survive in dry, challenging conditions.
  • Environment: Benefits from a little shelter, especially from cold desiccating easterly winds.  Our Eucalyptus cut foliage plantation grows well on a north-west facing slope sheltered by trees and hedge to the east and south/southwest.


  • If planting a large number for cut foliage, subsoiling may be a good practice to follow, especially if pastureland has previously been used by livestock.
  • For the best results, follow our planting and aftercare watering instructions, issued with every order; they can also be found under the Help and Advice tab on this website.
  • Improve poor soils with our planting kit, at the time of planting.
  • To encourage deep rooting and therefore good stability, prepare a deep planting pit as per our instructions.
  • Ensure there is no competition from weeds or grass around the base of the young tree as this will seriously cramp its style and slow down establishment. Our research has found that grass around the trunks of newly planted Eucalypts can completely stop them from growing and may lead to failure
  • Make life easier for you and your new tree: Plant with the mycorrhizal fungi product Rootgrow.  Eucalyptus in particular have a special, lifelong relationship with their root fungi, the latter of which actively transport food and water directly into the tree roots, helping your new Euc establish faster and more efficiently, particularly in challenging types of soil.


Short Notes on Each Species

  • None of these species will grow into a monster – just follow our comprehensive instructions.
  • They are all easy to grow
  • You are going to grow them as bushy shrubs with a little annual pruning, to yield a useful quantity of cut foliage stems for floral art work.
  • All of them flower with white blooms, beloved by pollinating insects and honey bees.

Eucalyptus archeri – Alpine Cider Gum: cute, round, blue juvenile foliage with typical eucalyptus aroma. Naturally bushy and high yielding.  Happy on normal range of garden soils including alkaline clays.

Eucalyptus nicholii ‘Avon’- Willow Peppermint: beautiful, feathery, sage-green foliage with a fabulous fresh pepperminty aroma. Has lovely movement – great for floral work, even just popped into a vase. Favoured by florists for wedding work as well as wreaths and garlands

Eucalyptus parvula – Small Leaved Kybean Gum: subtle soft grey-blue foliage with sweetly spicy eucalyptus aroma. Very productive and high yielding. Happy on the normal range of garden soils including alkaline chalky ones and wet clays.

Eucalyptus subcrenulata – Alpine Tasmanian Yellow Gum: clear apple-green foliage with sweetly spicy eucalyptus aroma. Productive and great as a base for celebratory wreaths, garlands and floral work.  Enjoys normal to wet garden soils.

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Remember: No grass, no weeds and a mulch mat or thick bark chip mulch, to a depth of 150 mm (6 inches) are essential to assist with good establishment. Our research trials have demonstrated that grass around the trunk of Eucalyptus prevent the trees from quickly establishing and can completely stop them from growing.



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