Eucalyptus mitchelliana - mount buffalo sallee

Eucalyptus mitchelliana - mount buffalo sallee


Mount Buffalo Sallee. A really beautiful small to medium sized weeping tree with glossy green foliage with a golden aura

Very rare in the UK. Great tree for free draining stoney ground. Hardy to around -16°C

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Why we like this variety:-

  • Small to medium tree of elegant semi-weeping habit
  • Excellent specimen tree, especially for winter interest
  • Delightfully reminiscent of Silver Birch, only evergreen
  • Easy to grow in sharp draining ground


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus mitchelliana        Family: Myrtaceae     

Common Name:  Mount Buffalo Sallee or Gum

Status: Evergreen Tree

Origin: Sub-alpine zone of rocky granite outcrops on Mount Buffalo, Victoria

Named after Major Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (1792–1855), Surveyor-General of New South Wales

  • Nursery Notes 2019: Spring  New stock will be available in 12 litre pots in late Summer

    Description, habit,  uses and attributes: Rare and beautiful small to medium sized tree of mallee (bushy) habit with an open crown and pendulous leaves.  Needs a little time to get its roots down and become established, for a Eucalyptus, but takes off pretty well after a few months in the ground.
    Eucalyptus mitchelliana forms a lignotuber (which is a good thing) and belongs in Eucalyptus subgenus section Longitudinales, which it shares with E. stellulata and E. moorei (with 2 subspecies).

    Shoots 'n Leaves: Young shoots tinged purple


    Juvenile foliage: lanceolate, with purple tinges, almost feathery habit


    Adult foliage: narrowly lanceolate around 7-15 cm long, often bright green, with red petioles on young plants, blue-green on older plants. From a distance, the foliage is glossy green with a slight golden hue.


    Bark:  Smooth, pure white through cream to seal grey, often with olive green highlights. Peels in strips and flakes


    Flowers: white in clusters 


    Leaf Aroma: fruity Eucalyptus

    Rate of Growth: slow and bushy in habit


    Height in maturity, if left unpruned:  up to around  12-15m  (40 feet) - think height of a Silver Birch tree


    Hardiness: generally tolerates down to -13 to -16°C, must have a free draining soil in winter.

    Planting Position and Soil Preference: Tolerant of exposed conditions, very hardy. Does not appreciate boggy soils, likes free-draining stoney conditions. Probably best on neutral to acid soils.In Australia E. mitchelliana enjoys a cool summer climate - so it should love the UK!


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