Eucalyptus goniocalyx (dwarf form) - Bundy

Eucalyptus goniocalyx (dwarf form) - Bundy


A small to medium sized Eucalyptus tree with elegant weeping foliage. Grows about 1-1.5m per year, up to the size of a small Birch tree. 


Why we like this variety:-

  • Small-medium sized tree with architectural shaped trunk
  • Elegant sage green foliage of weeping habit


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus goniocalyx subsp. goniocalyx         Family: Myrtaceae

Common Name: Long-leaved Box,  Bundy, Olive-barked Box, Mountain Grey Gum, Apple (Australia)

Status: Evergreen Tree

Origin: Tableslands and hills of New South Wales and central-western Victoria, Australia and Mt. Lofty and Flinders ranges of South Australia 

Nursery Notes 2020: Summer

Available in 5 litre pots again late Summer 2020

Description, habit,  uses and attributes:  A handsome, interesting tree with an architecturally shaped trunk, when mature; this fast growing, small Eucalyptus is best grown in the warmer regions of the UK, such as along the west and south coast.

Eucalyptus goniocalyx has a lignotuber and can be coppiced to produce a bushier specimen.  Its leaves are often used to produce a dye for wool, cotton or silk. Leaves can also be steam distilled to produce cineole based eucalptus oil, with a pleasant fragrance.

Shoots 'n Leaves: Young shoots covered in a silvery white bloom, glaucous and tinged pink   Juvenile foliage: pale, blue to sage green, glaucous rounded and appear to partly surround the stem

Adult foliage: Glossy Sage/Olive green. Long, elegant sickle shaped. Remind me somewhat of long Bay tree leaves

Bark: Textured bark often very shaggy. Pewter grey or coffee brown with some mottled grey or cream patches.

Flowers: creamy-white in bunches of 7, loved by bees and butterflies

Leaf Aroma: quite strong, typical Eucalyptus aroma; very pleasant
Rate of Growth: About 1-1.5m per year.  Rapidly reaching a small-medium sized tree ! 

Height in maturity, if left unpruned:   Depending upon the growing environment, around 6-7m. Our seed comes from a mature stand of trees that are around 15-20 feet tall

Hardiness: generally down to -8°C when younger; may tolerate down to -10°C, when mature. May be worth fleecing over in the colder parts of its first winter.  One of the varieties that is best grown in the more southerly counties of England (draw a line across the country east from Gloucester), West coast of England and west coast of Scotland OR if you are a garden pioneer - a sheltered garden anywhere else - give it a go.
Planting Position and Soil Preference: Enjoys full sun in a sheltered spot in free draining soil. Once established, it is a very drought tolerant species. Will tolerate part shade. Avoid poorly drained or boggy ground.


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