Eucalyptus deanei - Mountain Blue Gum

Eucalyptus deanei - Mountain Blue Gum

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Why we like this variety:-

- Good ornamental leaves and pretty carmine young shoots

- Striking bark detail

- Nice habit as a young tree with neatly arranged branches

- Excellent stately specimen tree for large garden, parkland and arboretum collections


Beautiful smooth chalk white bark with amber, cherry and coffee striations with age, on a tall straight trunk.  Very pretty rose pink tinge to new shoots 'n leaves, giving the tree canopy an attractive countenance.   A stately specimen for large garden, parkland and arboretum collection. Call us on 0751 5261511 for help in choosing your Eucs.


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus deanei  

Common Name: Round-leaved Blue Gum, Mountain Blue Gum, Round-leaved Gum, Deane's Gum, Brown Gum (New South Wales)                

 Status: Evergreen Tree

Family: Myrtaceae        

Origin: Mountainous regions of New South Wales

Seed Source: Central mid-coast New South Wales


Nursery notes:

Description, habit,  uses and attributes:

E. deanei can be found growing naturally in groups as a tall forest tree with an incredibly straight trunk. They are beautiful and statuesque.  Read below on how to place this tree in large and small gardens.

This species is suited to:

Very large gardens where you would consider growing a Cedrus atlantica, Poplar, Prunus avium and similarly tall trees

- An excellent specimen for an Arboretum

- good in Parkland and Estates, especially as a commemorative tree
- if you only have a small plot and want to be a Garden Pioneer with this rare species (rare in the UK) then we suggest you grow it in an air-pot for a few years, like a long-term patio plant. It really has beautiful form and foliage.   When it becomes too large, donate it to a park or large garden or use it for firewood/discard it and start again. The Swiss practice this very successfully with Giant Redwoods, in their shopping malls. After all, you discard bedding plants every year. This way you can grow and enjoy this magnificent tree for several years, without risk of it taking over your garden.

History: E. deanei was named originally as E. saligna var. parviflora in 1899, by Deane and Maiden. When Joseph Maiden later wrote up its official description, he renamed it E. deanei, in tribute to Henry Deane; the Australian engineer who first collected seed of this species in 1888. Tourists travel to Mooney Mooney Bridge in the Grose Valley of the  Blue Mountains National Park, Australia to view the E. deanei in the famous Blue Gum Forest.

Shoots 'n Leaves: Young shoots are carmine pink.  

Juvenile/Intermediate foliage: neat and beautiful rose pink tinged foliage expanding to broad rounded leaves. Sometimes they show through in mature foliage, giving the whole tree a very attractive appearance.
Adult foliage reminds me of Camellia leaves in shape, but they are a matt deep olive green, lighter underneath. Up to 6 inches long and 3 ½ inches wide, they are arranged alternately along the stem.

Bark:  Beautiful smooth and attractive chalky white bark. Over time it develops striations of amber, coffee and cherry. With age, the tree also acquires a low skirt of rough dark brown bark around its base 


Flowers: White flowers in groups of 7-11 blooms. 


Leaf Aroma: when crushed, the young foliage smells strongly of sharp fresh clean Eucalyptus  

Rate of Growth: Fast 


Height in maturity, if left unpruned:  In less than optimal conditions (of an Australian Forest) it may only reach  20m or so.  In optimum growing environment it can grow up to 45 m, but can take several hundred years to reach this!


Hardiness:  Not fully tested in the UK, but generally down to -8°C , could tolerate -10°C in a sheltered aspect once mature, must have free draining soil.  South and West side of the UK where it is milder and also below the Gloucester/London line, also mild island climates. Definitely worth trying

Planting Position and Soil Preference: Happy in full sun in a moisture retentive but free draining clay, loam or alluvial sandy soil. Avoid exposed conditions. 


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