Eucalyptus camphora subspecies humeana

Eucalyptus camphora subspecies humeana


Highly fragrant Eucalyptus quickly growing to 10m. see below for brief description


Full description to follow, please bear with us or give us a call on 0751 526 1511 for more information on this tree.

  • Nursery notes 2020: Spring

    3 litre and 5 litre - new vigorous stock ready now at around 90-120cm and 120-150cm

    12 litre and 20 litre stock ready again in the summer of 2020. Email us to be put on the early warning list.

    Beware of nurseries selling trees labelled as just E camphora - there are two subspecies.  E camphora subsp. camphora  grows to 10m.

    E camphora subsp humeana quickly reached 10m but can creep up to 20m over a period of decades, given optimum growing conditions.  The mature tree photographs shows the parents of our current stock. At 40 years old they are around 11m tall.

    Eucalyptus camphora subsp humeana is also known as the broad-leaved sallee (corruption of Sallow or Willow) and also the Mountain Swamp gum. Its native environment is the swampy/marshy valley bottoms of New South Wales and Southern Victoria in Australia

    This is a great evergreen tree for SUDs work as it can tolerate intermittent and prolonged periods of deep flooding.

    Young foliage is almost round (a key indicator of humeana). Shoot tips and emerging foliage being golden amber and burgundy, which are beautiful when back lit with sunlight.

    Mature foliage is apple green/ olive-green

    Rate of growth: fast at 1.5-2m per year

    Height: short term 10m, could reach 20m on wet ground

    Hardiness: tolerates down to -8°C, may be down to -10 to -12°C, hardiness improves with age.


    Planting Preferences

    Enjoys full sun and will tolerate a degree of shade (not full shade)  Grows in a wide range of soil types including dry to normal soils, wet and swampy soils including clay.


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