Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue

Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue

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Beautiful blue foliage most widely used in floral art. A striking, smaller, multi-branched evergreen tree. Good species for the smaller garden plot or grow in an air-pot on your terrace.  One of our absolute favourite species - very versatile and with fabulous foliage:

  • Small tree or bush for the smaller garden
  • Very prunable, so can be kept under control easily
  • Excellent for flower arranging, fresh cut and preserving in glycerine


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Botanical Name:

  • Eucalyptus 'Baby Blue'
  • MYRTACEÆ; Myrtle Family
  • Common Name: Baby Blue, Silver-leaved Mountain Gum, Silver Gum, Powdered Gum (New South Wales)
  • Status: Evergreen Tree
  • Origin: An interesting history hailing from California, USA – see bottom of page for further details.

Name:  Eucalyptus pulverulenta 'Baby Blue' is a selection of the standard E. pulverulenta

It is sometimes called 'Little Boy Blue' or (even worse!) as a E. gunnii 'Little Boy Blue'. (See our blog post on the naming of names)


Very widely grown in Southern California, Mexico, Europe and Australasia, E ‘Baby Blue’  has long been a favourite of the cut-foliage industry with the stems being highly sought-after as freshly picked or dried for floral art.  It is a naturally dwarf species, rarely exceeding 3m and can be grown as a clipped shrub.

With careful pruning, this can be trained into a nicely shaped bush; left to its own devices it can be described as having an ‘interesting architecture’.

This is a good variety for the smaller garden plot and could be grown in an air-pot on your terrace, but you need to follow the rules on growing Eucs. in pots.


Lignotuber: It has one, which is a good thing! E. ‘Baby Blue’ will regenerate off the lignotuber if cut down by man, beast or nature. It also produces many shoots from epicormic buds lying dormant beneath the bark higher up the tree; so E. ‘Baby Blue’ will respond extremely well to both coppicing and pollarding practices.


Bees: All Eucalyptus produce flowers with nectar and pollen, but this species has particularly spectacular flowers making it a real draw for honey bees looking for winter foraging.

Interesting notes: Seed of E. pulverulenta was recorded as being taken from Australia to the USA at around 1914. Sometime during the 1960’s the foliage grower Rod McLellan made the selection of ‘Baby Blue’ from a stand of dwarf form, wild strain E. pulverulenta and had it Trade Marked. By the 1990’s, some 400 hectares of ‘Baby Blue’ was being grown in Southern California alone. Since then ‘Baby Blue’ has spread from the USA to Mexico, Europe and back to Australasia. See for Baby Blue on a massive scale.


Meaning of the name: ‘Baby Blue’ given as a name, I suspect, by its selector, because of it small neat blue foliage.


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