Eucalyptus aggregata - Black Gum

Eucalyptus aggregata - Black Gum

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An evergreen tree that looks comfortable in an English rural or garden setting. It has an airey, light, elegant  and graceful habit and gives a relatively quick result without becoming huge. Robust and very hardy.

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Nursery Notes 2020: Spring

Several grades of 3 litre stock being grown. Young 3 litre x 2020 stock ready late Autumn.  Tall stock at 1.5m and above are 3 years old now and really sturdy trees

12 litre standards ready now at around 2.7-3.6m tall

20 litre specimen trees available now and again end of September - Email me if you would like more details


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus aggregata       MYRTACEÆ; Myrtle Family

Common Name: Black Gum

Status: Evergreen Tree          

Origin: endemic to Australia. It was first described by Deane and Joseph Maiden in 1900.  (southeast Australia - New South Wales and Central Victoria, not including Tasmania).  See also its cousin E. rodwayi.

Why we like this variety:- 

  • It's an evergreen tree that looks comfortable in an English rural or garden setting.
  • It has an airey, light, elegant  and graceful habit
  • It gives a relatively quick result without becoming huge
  • source of nectar for winter foraging bees
  • drains swampy ground 

Description, habit, uses and attributes:  This variety belongs to the small fruited swamp gums. It produces a nicely shaped tree with an open spreading crown, casting a light shade. Arching branches carry dense foliage in clusters. 

Eucalyptus aggregata has a lignotuber, from which it will grow back if cut down by an extremely harsh winter -15 Celsius and the like.

Shoots 'n Leaves:  Very fine, elegant willow like foliage.

Juvenile leaves are deep copper bronze, turning dark green. 

Adult leaves are up to 13 cm long, lance shaped and slightly glossy to dull green.

Bark:  Deeply furrowed, rough textured, coffee brown to pewter grey in colour.

Flowers:  Cream White flowers in groups of 7 from November through to February.

Leaf Aroma:  subtle typical Eucalyptus aroma

Rate of Growth: Moderate rate of 1.0-1.5 metres per year

Height in maturity, if left unpruned: no more than 20 metres in height when mature.   Small to medium sized tree. Responds well to pruning.

Hardiness: Minimum temperature in the region of  -15°C depending on the local weather conditions

Planting Position and Soil Preference: Happy in normal garden soils in an open and sunny position but this one of the swamp gums and usefully  tolerates  boggy, wet conditions.    Don't grow in shade.

Although sometimes considered synonymous with the closely related E. rodwayi, the two are distinct.


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