Eucalyptus Potting Compost

Eucalyptus Potting Compost


Made to our own specific formula for growing Eucalyptus in Airpot containers. 


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Made to our own specific formula, our gro-bark based (peat free) compost is a high specification product for growing Eucalyptus for the long-term in Air-pot containers. It will not collapse like some composts, when used for growing woody tree specimens


Click here to read more about Air-pots®.


The compost includes a specific blend of slow-release, high-potassium fertiliser which will last for 6 months after potting on, along with a professional grower product to assist with water retention.


This product is unique to Hardy Eucalyptus and is not available through any other seller.

Growing in smooth walled containers and not an Airpot container?  Please add 10% by volume of Perlite or Sharp Potting Grit to improve drainage.

Not recommended for use when planting out in the ground - please use our Planting Mix for planting in the ground.

This compost may be a bit 'rich' for other plants, but could be used for other hungry trees and shrubs.

Sizes are:

- Small: small bag is sufficient to do:

       2 x 12 litre pots

      OR 1 x 20 litre pot with a bit to spare

- Medium: medium bag should do:

      3 -4  x 12 litre pots

      OR 2 x 20 litre pots

      OR 1 x 30 litre pot + spare

      OR 1 x 45 litre pot


Please order multiple bags if you require greater quantities or Contact Us for large volumes.


We package this product ouselves from our bespoke compost, made in bulk by our compost manufacturer. As this product is packaged to order, the packaging may vary (and will most likely be quite 'rustic'!) 


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