Eucalyptus for screening

One of the most common questions we get asked is "are Eucalyptus suitable for screening?" 

Eucalyptus are evergreen and very prune-able, so they make the perfect species for screening out nosey neighbours or an inconvenient eye-sore!

We've featured our most popular screening trees below, and our full range can be found at the bottom of the page.

Quick advice;

  • Green-leaved species may blend-in better with your garden setting e.g parvula, subcrenulata,

  • Silver-blue leaves reflect the light, and so they may provide more of a screening effect e.g. Azura, Silverana and France Bleu.

  • Smaller-leaved or narrow-leaved species make good low hedges as they knit together and provide a dense screen e.g. kybeanensis, archeri, Azura, France Bleu.

  • Whilst larger-leaved species may produce a better tall, individual screening tree e.g. neglecta, pauciflora group. 


Whichever leaf-type you choose, make sure the tree is suitable for your climate and soil conditions.

All trees for screening and hedges benefit from training and pruning, regardless of Genus. We have written a guide that may help with training your screening tree, and this blog post.

It may be worth checking out our collection of Small Growing Eucalyptus Trees


We strongly recommend that, as you are getting a Eucalyptus 'to do job' that you set it up well for it's life in service and read about the handful of carefully researched products available on our Sundries page, starting with RootGrow at planting-time. 

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