Frequently Asked Questions

For new visitors

Which tree should I choose?

We have developed a series of filters on the shop to help you choose your tree. This is based on years of research, and we hope you find it helpful. First try, going to the Main Shop page and use the Filters to enter all of your growing conditions and requirements. This will narrow down your selection. You may find it helpful to answer the questions on the How to Choose A Tree page. You might want to grab a pen...! There are 4 questions; not all may be relevant to your situation. If you want to see a pre-selected list, please see; Smaller growing trees Eucalyptus for hedges and screens Growing in a pot Growing cut foliage Growing firewood (or biomass) Growing in, or draining, wet and boggy ground P.S. don't forget your Eucalyptus Essentials! Give your tree the best start in life. If this is all a bit much, please do get in touch.

Have you got a tree for...?

Growing in a pot? Yes, click here. Growing in lime/chalk/alkaline soil? Yes, click here and select "Chalk or Lime Soil" in the Filter under "Soil Conditions". You can select other filters at the same time to narrow down your choice. Growing in acid soil? All of them! They prefer neutral-to-acid. Screening out neighbours? Yes, click here.

How much is a tree?

How long is a piece of string? Just kidding. It might be helpful for you to know that we grow over 60 different types of Eucalyptus trees! All of our trees come in a variety of sizes (i.e. different ages) and these variations are priced individually. Prices can range from about £50 to £1000 depending on pot size, height, age etc. To see our prices, please go to the tree or product you are interested in and select a size using the ‘Size’ dropdown menu (usually with the word "select" showing).
To see price differences between product sizes, change the size option and the display price will change. Remember to check this before adding a product to your "Cart".

Coronavirus: are you still open?

We’re still open, just busy! We’re really pleased that the nation has got outside and gone gardening! However, this has caused a huge influx in enquiries and orders (which we are grateful for, honest!). We are experiencing higher than normal numbers of phone calls and emails, in addition to what we anticipated at this busy time of year. We would like to give all of our customers the care and attention they deserve so we are trying to reply to requests in the order in which they are received – this may cause some delay. Orders are taking slightly longer to process. Please read more below. If your enquiry is urgent please get in touch with us by email or phone.

How tall / how big are your trees?

All of our trees come in a variety of sizes (i.e. different ages) and these variations are priced individually. Not all trees are available in all sizes; they are living beings and grow at different rates. We also sometimes run out of certain pot sizes/heights as some customers buy in very large quantities. As rule, trees range from 30cm tall to 5m tall or more, and come in pot sizes from 3 litres to 100 litres. The best way to see what we have in stock is to go to the Shop page and select a tree you are interested in. Using the "Filters" may help you narrow down your choice. Once you are looking at a specific species page, use the drop-down menu to see what sizes we currently have in stock. If you were hoping for something in particular, please do get in touch.

How much is delivery?

Please see our Shipping and Dispatch page.

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Delivery questions

Do you deliver to my address?

Most likely, yes! For more information, please see our Shipping and Dipatch page. In short: We're based in Worcester, UK, and we we can deliver to all of UK Mainland, Highlands, Islands, Ireland, and Europe. We can deliver books all over the world. There is a small surcharge for Highlands and Islands which we pass on from our Courier at cost (sorry...). Please select this option in the Checkout. Europe: We have to arrange individual shipping quotes for Europe and Ireland as our trees come in such as wide variety of sizes. Please, contact us. Shipping trees to Europe will require an additional Phytosanitary certificate. We will arrange this. Outside of Europe: If you live in a country with strict Phytosanitary laws (e.g. USA, Australia) we might not be able to deliver plants or plant-parts without additional certificates/inspections, or, we might not be able to deliver at all. However, it's always worth getting in touch!

Can I collect my order from the nursery?

Yes. Please do not arrive without an appointment. Pre-paid orders can be collected at an arranged appointment time. It may take up to 5 days to pick your order ready for collection. Orders are collected from our office/carpark. Unfortunately we cannot have members of the public look around the nursery.

The checkout says you can't deliver to my country?

Sorry about this; that is because we prefer to calculate shipping outside of the UK Mainland on an individual basis. We can't change the wording of the unhelpful message at the checkout! Please, contact us and one of our team will help you. Please include the products and sizes you were interested in, and the delivery address We deliver all over the UK and Europe, and have sent books as far as Australia!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Currently we anticipate orders will be dispatched within 14 days (2 weeks) from the date of order, but we aim to fulfill your order sooner than this. We use a fast delivery service, so your trees should only be in transit for 24-48 hours (UK) or up to 7 days (Europe). You will receive an email when your tree has been collected by the courier. We dispatch everything in the date-order unless otherwise arranged. Bank holidays may cause a slight delay. We dispatch products once a week, at the beginning of the week, so that the couriers have enough time to deliver. Our couriers do not usually deliver over weekends. You can leave a note at the Checkout to request the parcel is left in a 'safe place'.

I don't think I will be home when my tree is delivered

You can leave a note at the Checkout to request the parcel is left in a 'safe place'. You will receive an email once the tree is with the courier. We dispatch products once a week, at the beginning of the week, so that the couriers have enough time to deliver. Our couriers do not usually deliver over weekends. If you are not home when the tree is delivered: Please ensure trees are unpacked on the day of delivery (or within 24 hours if not safe to do so), by yourself or a suitable recipient, watered properly and checked over. If you can't find a parcel that has been marked as delivered, please check anywhere that a delivery driver may have left a parcel for safe keeping. If you are going away for a prolonged period of time e.g. planning to go on holiday; please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot change delivery dates once the parcel has left our nursery. If we do not hear from you, we will think you are ready to receive your items.

I think my delivery has been delayed or gone missing.

Firstly, we apologise for the delay in your order as this is not the type of service we would like you to have experienced. We are working closely with couriers to monitor their workload as we're trying to ensure a speedy delivery, but their situation can change very quickly. Orders that have been dispatched: Once you have received an email to say your goods have been dispatched, please allow 5 working days in the current economic climate for your goods to arrive. If your order has not arrived after 5 working days: please get in touch with an email titled "urgent" Delayed trees: Please rest assured that trees delayed in transit are usually fine; they are in their boxes for 7 days when we ship to mainland Europe without problems. Please ensure trees are carefully unpacked on the day of delivery and given a good drink of water. To do this; stand the tree in a bucket/tub/old bin filled with enough water to fully submerge the pot in water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes soaking, remove by handling the pot only, NOT the stem or branches, and stand somewhere stable to allow the roots to drain.

Where is my order?

Updated May 2021: We're working to approximately a 20 working day turn around at the moment (4 weeks) although we are doing our best to fulfil orders sooner. To see the date your order was placed, please go to you email inbox and see our email titled "Thanks for shopping with us". If you can't see this email, please check your 'junk' folder, or alternative email addresses that you may have used. Your order should be dispatched within 10 working days from the date it was placed. Please allow a further 5 days for it to arrive, but it should be within 48 hours. It will be fine in it's box for 5 days. If you are concerned, please see the section on this page called "What do I do when my tree arrives?" The delay in your order being dispatched may be for one of two reasons: 1) We have bespoke cardboard boxes made to order on a weekly basis. Our box manufacturer is also having to take breaks in their usual production run to make urgent medical supply packaging, so our orders are (understandably) delayed. This has the knock on effect of meaning we occasionally don't have the correct size box to dispatch a particular tree of a particular height and diameter. This can usually be corrected in about 1-2 weeks. 2) Our couriers handle particularly large parcels (i.e. it's not your average DPD or Royal Mail parcel) - we don't ship your trees with just anyone! We're speaking regularly with our couriers to see if they are suitably handling their workload, as we do not want to ship trees that will end up sitting in a warehouse somewhere. If the courier thinks they have a backlog of shipments to clear, we do not send the tree. This is following a rather painful incident where a handful of our trees sat waiting in a warehouse for several weeks, and subsequently arrived dead - this has only happed once! So now, we keep the trees on irrigation, unpackaged, in our nursery and wait until it is thought to be safe to send them. We hope you appreciate that we take these measures in your best interest, as they help to ensure the long-term health of your tree. We know that our customers love their trees and plant them to enjoy them for life, so we want to help ensure your tree arrives in the best condition possible.


Frequently asked questions

Buying a Gift Certificate: How To and How Long.

We can issue Gift Certificates. Please purchase them using this page here: Gift Certificates. Or give us a call. How are Certificates issued? By email to the email address entered on the "Gift Certificate" page (it will prompt you to enter the Recipients email address) - this can be your own email if you would prefer to print it out. How long does this take? Please allow 2 working days as all Certificates are personalised by a human in our office! I would like you to print and post it for me. Please get it touch. We'll be happy to do that for you. There will be an additional charge to cover printing and postage, and please allow an addtional 3 days for delivery. If it's emailed, why is it charging me postage? Please change the delivery type. To do this: go back to the 'Cart'. In the 'Subtotal' section, change the drop down menu from "UK Excluding Highlands and Islands" to "Email". This should show as "Free" in the checkout. I can't get my certificate to work at the checkout? Please get in touch and include; what you would like to purchase, your address (if not in Mainland UK), and your gift code number.

Using a Gift Certificate: How To and Problems

Please refer to the instructions that would have been included with your Certificate. This may be on the back of a print-out, or on a second page of a PDF. In Short: Please add all of your products to the Cart as normal. There is a small sentence on the Cart page that says "Add a Promo Code" - click on this and enter your personal code, without spaces. You should see the discount applied in the Subtotal. Problems: sorry about this, occasionally problems rise up. Sometimes this is due to delivery country, other offers on the shop, or just a silly box we haven't ticked at our end. Please get in touch and we'll sort it out! Please title your message "Urgent Gift Certificate" so we know to prioritise it.

What do I do when my tree arrives?

Please ensure trees are carefully unpacked on the day of delivery and given a good drink of water. Handle your tree by the pot only. Do not lift it using the stem or branches - this is guaranteed to harm the tree and the damage may not show for weeks. Handling by the stem/branches puts strain on the root plate (where the stem becomes roots) and may snap the arteries pumping water into the tree. Pleas see the section on this page called "What is this black spiky Air-pot?" for more information about the pot. To unpack your boxed tree; 1) Lie the package down if you can. 2) Snip off any strapping and dispose of carefully. 3) Remove the tape from the bottom of the box (the end with knotches cut in it). 4) Reach inside and pop the knotches back out, if you can. These were securing the pot in place for transport. 5) Slide the tree out pot-first. 6) Water your tree immediately (see below) and stand it somewere sunny where it is not likely to blow over. 7) Plant or pot on (if doing so) as soon as possible. Wooden crates: You may need a saw or screwdriver if your tree is very large and comes packed in a protective wooden crate. Do not attempt to remove the tree from the crate without dismantling the crate as they are designed to prevent the tree from moving, so you won't be successful! Water your tree immediately (see below). Pallet delivery: Pallet delivery is to kerb-side only. They most likely won't bring it far onto your property. Please have a couple of hands ready to move a large tree. If you do not have a pallet shifter, you may find it easier to unpack the crate and then move the tree(s). Please dismantle the pallet crate and dispose of packaging carefully; you may need a saw or screwdriver. Handle your trees by the pot only. Give your tree a good drink of water once it is in a safe position (see below) - they become difficult to move when heavy and wet. We consider adequate watering to be: a) Either, stand the tree in a bucket/tub/old bin filled with enough water to fully submerge the pot in water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes soaking, remove by handling the pot only, not the stem or branches, and stand somewhere stable to allow the roots to drain. This really hydrates the tree, so you can continue to do this once every-other day until it is planted or potted on. b) Or, insert an irrigation spike, if you have an irrigation system, and leave it running for at least 15 minutes or until your system has been able to administer at least 2 pints of water (or more for a larger tree). The pot should then feel weighty, and this should be repeated daily in hot weather. c) Or, leave a garden hose trickling very slowly onto the pot, near the stem, for at least 15 minutes. The pot should then feel weighty, and this should be repeated daily in hot weather. d) Or, pour a pint (or more) or water onto the surface of the pot. Do this very slowly, just a few splashes at a time, as you may notice the compost rejects the first volume of water (this is because we do not use peat and our compost takes a while to rehydrate once dry). Leave the pot for 10 minutes or so to soak up this first drink, then apply another pint in the same manner. You may need to do this a few times for larger trees. The pot should then feel weighty, and this should be repeated daily in hot weather. Please note: trees should be watered immediately before planting and continue to be watered at least every day during hot weather, 2-3 days during mild weather, and twice a week duing winter, but not during a frost. They cannot access moisture in the ground until they have grown new roots - this may take a year or more.

What is this black spiky Air-pot?

They are the essential Eucalyptus growing environment (other than the ground!). You should never buy a Eucalyptus that has not been grown in an Air-pot. Please note: you do take the pot off before planting or potting on. Do not plant your tree in the ground with the pot still on. The tree is not root-bound (that's what the pot prevents); you have to unscrew the green screw to release the rootball. For more information, see our Air-pots page and scroll down to "Why Air-pots?": Or, go to their website for a "how to assemble" video: Video.

Why does my eucalyptus have spotty leaves?

Every year, in the spring, your Eucalyptus will under go a change of foliage. The old leaves will be shed and new foliage produced. To do this, the tree sucks out all the stored nutrients in the old leaves, held on the lower part of the young tree. These go spotty, get black spots, turn beige/biscuit/red/yellow/brown or all of this and then drop off. This is completely normal. Lower branchlets may go brown and sticky, at which point you can cut them off.