Eucalyptus for Wet Ground

Provided the growing location is suitable for a tree, some species of Eucalyptus are very efficient at draining boggy ground including sites such as a domestic garden, a schools sports pitch, or a farm. They have been used throughout history to reclaim land, or drain marshes to kill mosquitoes. 


The tree doesn't have to grow hugely tall for this to be effective, although if you have the space and it is a sensible choice, the bigger; the better! You can can manage its growth if necessary through pruning, or select a smaller growing species. Please read our Training and Pruning Guide.

We have lots of Eucs that only grow between 2-10m tall.

The trees on this page have been selected for their suitability for wet or heavy soils. 

They are all Evergreen, so should 'pump' water 365 days a year. Use the filter options to pick the best one for your site and then browse the photos for leaf colours.

Do be careful with your choices if you stray from this page as some types of Eucalyptus hate wet feet, especially on cold sites. The selection below are great for 'bogs', marshy patches or areas prone to occasional flooding. But bear in mind; no Eucalyptus is aquatic! 

If you're ever concerned or confused, just get in touch