Customer Care

Coronavirus Covid-19 Statement:

We are open! Please place orders as normal; for timings please see Shipping and Dispatch


Please be aware that we are experiencing an increase in orders and that there may be a slight delay in receiving your items, but we are attempting to fulfill them as quickly as we can. 

To try to provide our customers with a smooth service, we are working closely with our packaging manufacturer and delivery companies, whom we have built relationships with over many years. 


Update: Couriers nation-wide are experiencing higher than normal volumes to deliver during this period of lock-down, with the added complication of their staff needing to self-isolate. We have been advised that couriers will aim for 24 hour delivery but in some cases this may be longer. Your trees will not suffer if they are delayed during transit. Please be patient during these difficult circumstances, we are all doing our best! 

Why are we open?

In line with Matt Hancock's clarification on 'staying at home'; our staff cannot work from home so should go to work "to keep the country running"

We are a small, family-run business. The family live at the nursery (working 24-7!) and we have always sold stock online with door-to-door delivery. So, for us, not much has changed, and we are thankful that we are able to remain open with the support of a handful of staff.

It is vital for our trees that our nursery remains open, although we did close temporarily for a few days during this crisis whilst awaiting new information.


The Horticultural Trades Association has approached the Government for help regarding the £1.2 Billion loss predicted across the horticultural industry in 2020 as a result of destroyed crops and lost sales due to the Coronavirus crisis. See HTA article


This is a key time of year for us, with our propagation and potting cycle in peak flow; we cannot close as we will lose years worth of stock production. It takes many years to grow a tree from seed to sale, and hundreds of thousands of our trees would die with no one here to look after them. The financial loss would be catastrophic.


Of course health and safety are our primary concern, and our legal advisers are pleased with the measures that we have put in place to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. 

We have taken advice from ACAS and the government helpline,  and we are following the government- and NHS-issued guidance on safe working including, but not limited to; antibacterial hand wash at all sinks with paper towels, provision of hand sanitiser, using gloves, practicing safe distancing (which is easy across several acres of outdoor space!), advising staff to stay at home when not in work, advising staff of how the virus is spread, and monitoring staff for symptoms (of which we have none). 

Between us, we hold 4 science degrees, so we understand how viruses work and we naturally practice sterile technique (also, one of us grew up in a pharmacy, another was raised by a hospital Matron, and two studied Forensics at university). If we ever felt that our actions were putting people at risk, we would not be doing it. 

Thank you for your support during theses difficult times. Your purchases mean that our company can continue to produce the hundreds of thousands of trees that are destined for gardens and landscape projects across the UK and Europe; providing habitats and sucking up carbon for generations to come. 

"What a wonderful job you do for our country and indeed the planet!" - Jenny, aged 70, one of our lovely customers.